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As a student pilot, you’ll join the ranks of those less bound by conventional limits on time, distance and personal freedom. You take-off to wide-open skies in any direction on the compass. General Aviation can take you where you want to go. It’s truly "random-access" transportation. You can choose your route, your destination … your adventure – for the day, the weekend, even the hour. Along with the freedom, pilots love the challenge and accomplishment that comes with every flight. They also accept the personal responsibility to fly professionally and safely. You will notice a difference in yourself - more confidence, more self-esteem, a wider perspective on your world, and on life itself. Finally, being a pilot symbolizes individualism and self- reliance. You are in control and you make the choices. There’s nothing like it.
“Being an aviation student at HIBS” 
13th Year of HIBS Aviation
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